Stylish and Functional Pergolas in Canberra

ACT Decks has been building quality pergolas in Canberra since 2012. We build pergolas out of hardwood, galvanised steel, and aluminium. Our pergolas come in various styles and can be covered and enclosed. As a leading provider of pergolas in Canberra, we use only premium materials from the likes of Spanmor, Ampelite, Versiclad, Stratco, DuraGal, and Colorbond. ACT Decks has pergolas to suit every lifestyle and budget in Canberra.

Benefits of a Pergola in Canberra

A pergola adds many tangible and intangible benefits to a home in Canberra.

  • Great for outdoor entertaining.
  • Adds a living space to your home.
  • Can add resale value to a home over time.
  • Makes a home look better in many cases.
  • Extends the time you can spend outdoors, especially if the pergola has roofing, walls, and/or lighting.
  • Ideal for growing vines and ferns.
  • Can sometimes provide the home it’s attached to with an additional layer of energy efficiency.

ACT Decks is your one-stop shop for quality pergolas in the Canberra region.

Types of Pergolas

Pergolas come in many forms and sizes. ACT Decks will help you select a pergola that suits your lifestyle, home design, and budget in Canberra.

Open-roof Pergola

A conventional open-roof pergola doesn’t have a roof and is box or rectangular-shaped. Open-roof pergolas are common in Canberra and are relatively inexpensive to build. Open-roof pergolas channel airflow, but provide a lower level of shade than pergolas with a roof.

Gabled Pergola

A gabled pergola has a ridged or peaked roof that provides additional headroom and encourages water runoff. Many people like the look of a gabled pergola, as it provides a “holiday resort” feel. Since 2012, ACT Decks has built numerous gabled pergolas in the Canberra region.

Pitched Pergola

A pitched pergola is a sloping roof (often Colorbond) attached to a dwelling or wall. Due to having a single sloping roof, pitched pergolas handle water runoff well and collect fewer leaves. Many clients opt to enclose a pitched pergola – effectively creating another room in the process.

Louvered Pergola (Stratco Pavilion Allure)

Stratco’s Pavilion Allure louvered patio roofing is designed for year-round alfresco living. The remote-controlled louvres enable a homeowner to alternate between an open-roof pergola and a covered one. Stratco Pavilion Allure is perfect for clients seeking a “flexible” pergola in Canberra.

Pergola Materials Explained

Most of the pergolas we build in Canberra are made from hardwood or galvanised steel, though aluminium is occasionally used. Hardwood has a natural beauty that’s difficult to beat but isn’t as strong (or durable) as galvanised steel. ACT Decks will help you choose a material to suit your needs and budget.

Options for Pergolas in Canberra

Pergolas are flexible structures that can be covered and enclosed. ACT Decks provides a wide range of roofing, wall, ceiling, window, and door options.


Clients can choose from insulated roof panels, polycarbonate, or a louvered roofing system. ACT Decks has access to all the big names in pergola roofing, including Colorbond, Ampelite, Versiclad, and Stratco. We often use (and recommend) the following quality roofing products on our pergola projects  in Canberra:

  • Versiclad insulated roofing panels (Spacemaker, Corrolink, Versalink, and Multidek)
  • Ampelite polycarbonate sheeting with treated surfaces (Lexan Thermoclear)
  • Stratco louvered patio roofing (Pavilion Allure)

Versiclad, Ampelite, Stratco, and BlueScope (manufacturer of Colorbond) are all iconic Australian companies with proven track records in the building sector.


Versiclad’s Structural Insulated Panels are perfect for creating a comfortable and stylish outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round. The unique insulation properties of Versiclad panels help to regulate temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.


One of the standout features of Ampelite sheets is their ability to come in a variety of colours that allow different percentages of light and heat transfer. For example, the clear polycarbonate sheets allow for maximum light transmission, while the bronze and opal sheets offer varying levels of shading and heat reduction.


The Stratco Outback Louvered pergola is a versatile and stylish outdoor living solution that offers you complete control over the amount of sunlight and shade in your outdoor area. With adjustable louvers, you can easily control the amount of sunlight and shade that enters, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Walls, Ceilings, Windows, and Doors

ACT Decks supplies and installs quality insulated wall and ceiling panels from Versiclad. We also provide door and window solutions to suit your pergola and/or home from Monaro Windows and Trend Windows & Doors.

For further information on pergolas in Canberra, please call the experienced team at ACT Decks on 02 6280 6858.