Windows and Doors for Outdoor Living Spaces – Canberra

As part of its deck and pergola projects, ACT Decks installs quality windows and doors in the Canberra region. We source our windows and doors from leading manufacturers, such as Trend Windows & Doors and Monaro Windows. As a licensed  builder in Canberra, we can customise windows and doors to suit any outdoor living space.

Benefits of Quality Windows and Doors in Canberra

Quality doors and windows add the finishing touches to an enclosed pergola or pergola-deck solution in Canberra. Benefits include:-

  • Increased natural light.
  • Improved energy efficiency (double-glazed windows and thermally broken frames reduce external airflow).
  • Better physical security (solid, lockable doors and double-glazed windows are harder to break or smash).
  • Reduced noise (double-glazed windows and quality doors are thicker).

At ACT Decks, we help you choose the windows and doors to suit your Canberra lifestyle and budget.

Window Frame Materials

ACT Decks supplies and installs quality window frames made from timber, aluminium, and unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). All three materials have their pros and cons.

  • Timber Frames are very stylish and don’t conduct heat; however, they require more maintenance than aluminium and uPVC frames. Timber frames are generally more expensive than aluminium and uPVC ones.
  • Aluminium frames are strong, durable, and lightweight; however, aluminium is a good conductor and a poor insulator (making it less energy efficient). Thermally broken frames, which incorporate a polyamide barrier, improve the insulation qualities of aluminium.
  • Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) frames perform in much the same way as timber frames (they don’t conduct heat); however, they’re more durable and easier to maintain than timber frames.

Timber, aluminium, and uPVC frames are all suitable for double glazing in Canberra. Aesthetics and budget usually determine a client’s choice of window frame material.

Window Frame Styles

Clients can choose from fixed, stacking, sliding, awning, double hung, sashless, bi-fold, louvre, and casement windows in Canberra. Our experienced consultants will help you make the right choice – to suit your budget and décor – in this area.

Benefits of Double Glazing in Canberra

Given the local climate extremes, double-glazed windows in Canberra are a no-brainer. Double- glazed windows reduce energy usage (in summer and winter), improve window security (they’re hard to break), and reduce external noise (they have superior thickness).

In terms of decoration, double-glazed units can be fitted with tinted glass, laminated glass, clear float glass, toughened safety glass, reflective glass, and low-e glass (to minimise solar heat gain). ACT Decks – in partnership with Trend Windows & Doors and Monaro Windows – has you covered for double glazing in Canberra.

PS – ACT Decks also supplies quality aluminium flyscreens to complement your double-glazed windows in Canberra.

Door Materials and Styles

ACT Decks supplies and installs doors made from timber (solid and hollow core), aluminium, glass, fibreglass, steel, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), and stained glass / leadlight.

We also have you covered for all the door styles, including flush doors, panel doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, stacking doors, French doors, double doors, pocket doors, and barn doors.

Windows & Doors